Sirmione, Italy

We just returned from our 5-day road trip across Italy. We planned every day less than 24 hours in advance. It was the most fun, unstressful vacation we have ever taken.
I first learned about Sirmione, Italy, on Pinterest; I kept seeing the Scaligero Castle all over social media and quickly realized it is one of the most visited castles in Italy. Sirmione is a unique and an unforgettable vacation spot you can share with your kids; Sirmione, Italy, should be at the top of your list. Nestled on Lake Garda at the foot of the Alps, Sirmione blends culture and natural beauty – something all members of your family will enjoy! The charming cobblestone streets, picturesque lake views, historic sites, and delicious Italian food are just a few reasons why this lakeside town is so unique.

Things To See

Scaligero Castle

The Scaligero castle was built in the 14th century. The Scaligero castle has been nicknamed the “Sinking Castle” It is the only castle located on the shores of Lake Garda. It is one of the most visited castles in Italy. 

Jamacia Beach

Jamaica Beach  turquoise waters, white stone beach and picturesque palm trees, this picture-perfect spot offers a peaceful yet exciting place to spend a warm day. What makes this even more special? The beach has parks lined with Olive trees and is located in the shadows of an ancient Roman villa. (how cool is that?!) 

Walk Around The Historic City Center

You could spend hours walking around the city. The streets are beautifully lined with olive trees, old colorful buildings and parks with benches. If you’re hungry there’s cute cafes, lots of ice cream and cute shops that offer a variety of different items. 

Visit The Flower House

Is just that! A house covered in purple bougainvillea. Located under the blanket of purple flowers you’ll find a small cafe. 

How To Get To Sirmione

Pro Tip you can stay anywhere around Lake Garda and take a passenger ferry to Sirmione. Taking the ferry will save you a lot of driving time and you won’t have to worry about parking and arriving early. A highlight to taking a ferry is that you don’t have to pay for a boat tour around the island because you will be able to see Sirmione from the water on the ferry. 

We followed Google Map directions and the directions pointed us to the ferry dock. 

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions about visiting Sirmione, please comment below.  If you enjoyed my post about Sirmione you should check out my blog post about visiting Pula, Croatia. 

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