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Hello! I'm Brittany.

I’m excited you’re here! Please take sometime to look over my blog! If you have any questions or would like to chat hit the button below. Looking forward to getting to know you. 

This is my story!

I’m a thirty-something Tennessean native! Who loves traveling, helping others with Pinterest, and enjoying her family. I’m a mom to three boys (Nolan, Heath & Dean) and a fur mom to Ivan!
My dream of exploring the world came true in 2017 when my husband came home from work and told me we would be moving to Europe! I was a little shocked. I was the girl that always dreamed of traveling the world, but I had never left the United States and didn’t even own a passport.
In 2017 we packed our bags and moved to Ljubljana, Slovenia, we took a quick break in Monterey, California (had a baby) and moved to Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2019. This summer, we will continue our European adventure and move to Germany.
I invite you to join my adventure! Read my blog, and if you have any questions, please let me know.


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I'm so happy you stopped by!

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