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Hello! I'm Brittany.

I’d love to chat with you on ways we can work together to get your small business goals achieved!

This is my story!

I started my journey as a virtual assistant by complete accident! When I tell my friends this story, they all laugh. It all started when I was pregnant with my first son, I was having a little crisis about the thought about leaving him (even before he was born!) and I thought I wish I had a job that I could do while staying at home with him. 

I found an ad on Facebook, about eight years ago, looking for administrative assistant. This person needed someone to help them with their emails, calendar and travel plans. (I thought…that’s easy…I can do that!) I applied, interviewed and didn’t get the job.  I honestly wasn’t surprised at all… I didn’t have any experience (Or so I thought) about two weeks later, I get a phone call from the business owner telling me…you didn’t have experience in admin, however after looking over your social media for your photography business (I had 2000 followers…which was a lot in 2011 ha ha) They wanted to hire me to be their social media manager! That’s the beginning of my story and here I am almost nine years later doing what I love. 

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I'm so happy you stopped by!

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