Pula, Croatia

When Tyler and I started to plan this year, we both decided that for everyone’s birthday, we would make sure to travel someplace FUN! Lucky for us, we traveled so much the last couple of months we earned a free hotel with hotels.com. If you aren’t familiar with hotels.com and travel ALOT, you need to hop on over and start booking hotels, to earn a free night’s stay. 

Tyler’s birthday is March 27th, and I knew it would be a lot to have just been in Serbia to come home, wash our clothing and head out the next day to Pula, Croatia!  

We stayed at Ribarska Koliba, a hotel located on the water; it was BEAUTIFUL! We went on off-season so the pool was not open, and it was a bit cold, but still well worth the FREE stay. It was also in a GREAT location. 

On the first day, we decided to hit up the Aquarium in Pula, it was very rainy and cold, and we thought it was a GREAT first stop on our trip. When we first arrived at the Aquarium, the outside was not so beautiful; it doesn’t scream aquarium at all. 

This aquarium was once an old Austrian, Hungarian coastal artillery faculty. The inside was so cool! We loved how they used something old and made it into something new. 

We then headed out to town and found a GREAT pizza place so good we ate there two days in a row! It was called Marco Polo. It was ranked in the top 5 in Pula, and we know why!! AMAZING pizza, the BEST!! 

Once we finished up the aquarium, we headed to town, it started to rain again, so we decided to check out this indoor play place called Peekaboo. This place was AMAZING. It had a HUGE jungle gym and great coffee! What’s even better is it’s open until 10 pm! Just in case your children have serious jet lag.

The boys left this place EXHAUSTED! Which was perfect because they just fell asleep! The next morning we woke up and decided to head to the Pula Arena, we were the first people in the doors, and we took lots and lots of pictures!! The picture below is my favorite, but I took it the night before. 


After the Arena, we decided that the boys needed to do something fun! I randomly pulled up a beach called Valkane Pula. It was PERFECT and full of beautiful rocks and tons of sea glass! If you love beachcombing, you will love Valkane beach with lots of treasures! Below is a picture I took leaving. I still can’t believe how clear and blue the water looked! I honestly always thought the water looked like lake water in Tennessee (I know I should get out more) but really, when you grow up around water that looks like Tennessee lake water, and then you see the water from Pula, Croatia, it really gets you thinking. 

If you love little, peaceful, and super close to the water with lots to do! I HIGHLY suggest you head to Pula, Croatia! 


  • Terri Hurst
    May 5, 2017

    LOVE the pictures from this trip! Glad Tyler had a fun birthday.

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