Gilroy’s U-Pick Cherries

Today the boys and I went on an adventure to Gilroy, CA U-pick cherries. We’ve been strawberry and apple picking many times, but we’ve never been cherry picking. So when I saw the advertisement for U pick cherries I loaded the boys up and headed to Gilroy. (If you’re new to Monterey that’s about a 45-minute drive to Gilroy)

This is the first time that this farm has offered U-Pick Cherries and they’ll be open the next two weekends Thursday-Sunday (June 20-23) and (27-30) at 5920 Frazier Lake, Gilroy CA make sure to find them on Facebook. 

The farm is organized and everyone was very kind. The boys had a BLAST and we got a ton of cherries. I’ll also add that the farm is BOB or jogging stroller friendly, I wouldn’t bring a normal stroller. If you don’t own a jogging stroller I suggest babywearing.

If your children are under 42 inches they are FREE! Heath barely made the cut… (we’re talking 1/2 an inch ha) If you’re over the height 42 inches it’s $3.00 a person.

Each tree is labeled with color, each color produces a different type of cherry. (pie, eating, jam, etc) So make sure you ask for the sheet, so you know what kind of cherries you’re picking.

The cherries are $3.00 a pound. We ended up getting a little over a pound and paid $4.00. We had a BLAST and would highly recommend heading out the next two weekends!

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