Eat Like A Local Garmisch, Germany

We move a lot! When we move, we focus on staying away from the “touristy restaurants” and finding more “local restaurants.” Finding those local restaurants can be challenging, and it usually takes about six months to find. Today, I’d like to help you find the local restaurants in Garmisch, Germany. If you’re interested in reading a past Eat Like A Local Post make sure to check out Eat Like a Local in Monterey, California.

Breakfast & Cafes

Wafflehaus: This place is well known by locals but is also a little touristy now. The food is a mix between brunch and lunch (You can eat here for both breakfast/brunch and lunch). They have some of the best coffee in town, too. 

Cafe Max: It is “newish.” this cafe is tiny but mighty! Call and make a reservation because the chance they have an open table is slim. In the summer, they have some fantastic homemade lemonade. They are also one of the cafes in town with a good chai latte. 

Mount10: This cafe is beside the train station and has a more bakery-to-go vibe. It offers a more traditional German brunch menu with pretzels, butter, and jams. 

Cafe Berg: This cafe is located a little outside of town. It’s in the middle of Garmisch and Partenkichen. It’s a tiny mom-and-pop place with a very traditional Bavarian breakfast menu. Make sure to bring Google Translate because they don’t have an English menu, but all the waitresses and waiters speak excellent English and are super friendly. 

Der Laden: Der Laden is where I go when I need to work but also get out of my house. Der Laden is a charming cafe with good homemade food. Most of the food is vegan/ Gluten-Free, but they have something for everyone. It has free Wi-Fi, and the owner is extremely kind and welcomes tourists to use their computers and stay awhile. 


Asakusa: We have lived in Europe for seven years, and the biggest struggle has been sushi! Garmisch is the first place I’ve lived in Europe with good sushi. Asakusa is my favorite place to get sushi in Garmisch. 

Happy Sushi In Edeka: If you’re looking for a quick-to-go lunch, Happy Sushi inside Edeka in the GEP is where you must go! It’s a quick, cheap lunch option if you’re looking for something on the go. 


Toni Alm: Toni Alm is my absolute favorite place to eat all year! You’ll find Toni Alm at the base of Alpspitze, looking straight at Zugspitze Mountain. The food is AMAZING here, and the view is the best in Garmisch. 

The Lodge:  The Lodge is the hot spot on Wednesday nights in Garmisch during the summer. You will see everyone, and I mean everyone, eating here on a Wednesday night! The locals love to ride their bikes to The Lodge and order schnitzel. Schnitzel on Wednesdays is discounted. If you’re visiting in the summer or winter, visit. Make sure to make a reservation, as this place is super popular. 

ColosseoIs an Italian restaurant located in downtown Garmisch. They serve a variety of different Italian dishes. I don’t have a favorite because everything I’ve had has been excellent. I love eating here with my children because they have an entire children’s corner where they can play with toys away from the dinner table. 

Wurzelwerk: The cuisine makes you sit up and take notice: it combines extravagant Bavarian cuisine with specialties made from roots and tubers, fresh from the forest or meadow, coupled with a touch of internationality.

La Baita: Some of the best pizzas in town! If you’re not in the mood for pizzas you can choose something from their menu. (Full of different Italian dishes.)

I hope I made finding a place to eat in Garmisch, Germany, easier! 

The picture below is the view from the patio at Toni Alm. 

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