Best Things to Do in Garmisch, Germany

Garmisch, Germany, is a little village located in Upper Bavaria, Germany. (Very close to Austria) Garmisch is known to be an alpine resort town nestled inside the German Alps.
Garmisch is known for its natural beauty, adventurous hikes, and lifetime movie backdrops.
This is my guide to traveling to Garmisch, Germany; like a local, I’ve lived in Garmisch for over a year and figured out all the hacks to visiting. If you have any questions drop a comment below.

The Guide To Visiting Garmisch, Germany Like A Local

A picture of a white church in Germany on a German street with colorful buildings

Where: Bavaria 

When to Visit? Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 

Must-See– Partnochklamn Gorge, Eisbee, Zugspitze 

Best View of Garmisch: Alpspitze

Where To Stay? Aja Hotel is certainly located and has one of the best pools in Garmisch. Not to mention you’re walking distance to the train station and bus stop. 

Where is Garmisch

Things to Do in Garmisch, Germany

Partnachklomn Gorge

The Garmisch gorge during the winter frozen over with ice.

We visited Garmisch, Germany, many times before we moved to Garmisch. I never saw Partnochklamn Gorge (Because we couldn’t find it when we visited…I’m not kidding). It was a place we only recently visited after living in Garmsich for almost a year. 

It was worth the wait because the Partnochklamn is breathtaking and one of my new favorite things to do as a local. It does come with a few warnings. 

  1. There are better places to visit with small children under the age of 4 years. It is slippery, and the walk to the gorge from the parking lot is about a mile long. Strollers are prohibited in the gorge, so leave that in the car. 
  2. You do have to pay to visit. You can check the prices here.
  3. Visiting the Patnochklamn would not be ideal for older people. 
  4. Bring a rain jacket! The gorge can be a little wet even if it’s not raining. 
  5. Visit the gorge in the summer or winter! All seasons offer something amazing to see. Just check to make sure the gorge is open on the site before visiting. 
  6. You can find directions HERE

Lake Eisbee

Lake Eisbee is located at the base of Zugspitze the biggest peak in the German Alps. During your visit, you can walk the 7.6 km circuit trail around the lake, rent a SUP or pedal boat (May – October), eat at the Seerestaurant & Café Eibsee-Pavillon, and even stay at the lakeside Hotel Eibsee

Is Eibsee really worth visiting? Absolutely! Crystal-clear, emerald-colored Lake Eibsee is a dream destination in the Bavarian Alps for walking, swimming, stand-up-paddling, and photography. Visit early in the day as parking can be very limited after 10:00 am. If you happen to arrive after 10 you can take the Zugspitze train to Eisbee and not have to worry about parking. 

Directions to Lake Eibsee


Almhütte is a mountain restaurant on the Kramer Plateau, famous for their Windbeutel cream puffs, which they start serving at 2 pm. If you’re visiting in Garmisch this is a must try item. 

Directions to Almhutte.

A almhutte pastry puff filled with cream and cherry.

Take a Trip to Zugspitze

Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany, You can visit the glacier by train or by car and eat lunch on the tallest peak in Germany. During the winter months you can ski, sled, and even stay in the ice hotel! (Make sure to book early) 

Once you’ve reached the top you’ll have the perfect view of Lake Eibsee and Garmisch. 

Zugispitze and the building at the top of the mountain.


A stunning mountain view from a 1000-meter drop. The glass walkway and glass end really add the panorama views of the mountain. 

Where to Park: Alpspitzbahn valley station

How to get there: You’ll have to purchase a Bahn ticket to the top of Alpspitze. The bahn will take you to the mountain station; once at the station, the viewing area will be to your right once you leave the mountain.


Alpine Slide at Eckbauer

If you’re a family that loves adventure or a cheap thrill! You definitely need to visit the alpine coaster at the Eckbauer Bahn. 

How to get there: Eckbauer Bahn

Cost: 2-4 Euro; children and adult prices are different. 

Things To Know: The Alpine coaster will be closed if it’s raining. 

I hope this helps you plan your next visit to Garmisch, Germany. Make sure to look out for more blog posts on things to do in Garmisch, Germany like a local. 

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