London, England with Two Children under 4!

London was sooooo much fun! I’m not one to like the normal “tourist sites” or the “big cities” that everyone visits! I tend to enjoy the more low-key, small countries that don’t get much credit. However, London threw that all out the window, and I’m so glad that it did! I LOVED it! 

Where do I begin… Let’s see we flew out to London on Wednesday, and Tyler arrived on Tuesday which worked out great because he got to see and do everything he wanted to do before we arrived. The boys and I arrived very late on Wednesday due to our flight being delayed two and a half hours! (Yes I survived a delayed flight, with two children under the age of 4 wayyy past their bedtimes! Barely) We were a hot mess! 

When we arrived we had a 1-hour drive to our hotel. (The airports are both about 1 hour away from central London) I wouldn’t suggest taking the train from the airport with kids, because of the luggage, and the stroller (aka buggy). We took a cab from the airport to the hotel, and although it was a bit pricey it worked out well because both our children were DONE! 

The next day Thursday, Tyler had to work so the boys and I ventured out to London on our own! I originally planned on not bringing a stroller and making him walk/ carrying him.  I made it all day on Thursday we walked 25,000 steps (Thanks, Apple watch) and I didn’t have a stroller!! Which made life easier on the train (since not all train stations have an elevator) But really stinks when you have to get off the train and walk a mile to your destination. 

Our first stop was the Natural History Museum when I was researching places to visit in London with children The Natural History Museum kept popping up and I now get it! It was AWESOME and FREE!!! The boys and I spent 3.5 hours in this museum and I still think we didn’t see everything! It was AMAZING and completely breathtaking. I didn’t bring my camera since I was carrying Heath, so all my images are from the iPhone… (yes I know!) 

We then headed over to the Science Museum it’s FREE too! Added bonus it’s right next door!  We spent about an hour in there looking around, Heath fell asleep so I ended up sitting on a bench while Tyler and Nolan did the most exploring. 

We then headed back to the hotel to rest! When we all woke up from our nap we decided to hit up the parks, and see the palace! We ended up walking around the park and hitting up the BIG landmarks in Westminster. 

Here’s a picture of Heath and I at the Palace! 

Right beside the palace is a park that you can walk through and get a GREAT view of the London Eye. Below is probably one of my favorite pictures from our London trip. 

The next day the boys and I explored the city alone, we mostly played in the parks but I got brave and decided to take them to Covent Garden! It was well worth the trip alone with two kiddos, lots of WONDERFUL entertainment! My children had a BLAST! Below is an image of our favorite performers we saw that day. 

The next day was our last day in London and I had read a TON of blogs about the Portobello Market and I knew I wanted to spend my Saturday morning looking for a unique souvenir! 

BOY did I find the most unique, special souvenir that I will keep for forever! I love bags, and I especially love small businesses that also give back to people too. I fell in love with Vida Vida I love their story! Below is a picture of my the backpack that I purchased, the picture is from their website and if you click on the image it will take you to where you can purchase the backpack for yourself! I encourage that you read about their story first, It will definitely give purchasing a bag a GREAT story and purpose. (Which I LOVE!) I LOVE buying things that I can tell a story about! 

Isn’t she lovely?! Seriously I just bought two more bags on our trip from Italy and I haven’t even touched them because I’m so in LOVE with this bag! It’s seriously the perfect mommy bag! I can stuff diapers, clothing, buckets (for the play areas at coffee shops) Wipes, basically everything along with the kitchen sink! Oh it also has a TON of pockets (two on the side, and two inside!) 

After the market, we decided to head over to the London Bridge, because you don’t go to London and not go to the London Bridge. It was very surreal visiting the bridge less than one week after the London Bridge attack, but we did it and it was very safe, and BEAUTIFUL! I just remember walking across the bridge humming the London Bridge’s Song. 

After London Bridge, we decided to over to say goodbye to Nolan’s personal favorite Big Ben! He loved Big Ben so much he asked if I could buy him a book on the clock! If you’d like to purchase the book for your kiddos before your trip to London it’s called Big Ben (Building on a Dream Kids as Architects and Engineers) 

Nolan wasn’t in a big picture taking mood during our London trip! Heath however LOVED getting his picture taken. 

London was a HUGE surprise! I didn’t think I would enjoy such a touristy town but I LOVED every second that I was in that city. I want to go back one day, and do everything I didn’t have a chance to do on this trip. If you are planning a trip to London and have any questions please post a comment below! I love helping others out and I espeically love talking about all the trips I’ve been on. 


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