The Beginning… Life in Lithuania.

It’s been a week since we arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania. I can’t believe I’m typing that… it’s crazy how quickly time flies when you’re having fun and trying to figure out life in a different country.

Our first week looked like

  • Moving into our new house! We got super lucky and were able to be picked up at the airport and moved right into our new house. Our air shipment was actually waiting for us in our garage!
  • We had great sponsors they packed our frig full of great food and brought some things over to make it feel more like home.
  • The first week was full of 1st for me. I took an Uber for the first time (I’ve never needed to take an UBER until now!)
  • I ordered groceries online and had them delivered to my house, this makes not having a car so much easier with three little boys!
  • I found an app that delivers food from restaurants straight to your house. (I don’t have to live without GrubHub after all haha)
  • I figured out that the park next to our house is AMAZING! Sooooo many parks within a park! Not to mention you can walk miles and miles on trails. The Center of the Park is even better it’s filled with all kinds of fun kid activities, little restaurants, and lots of iced coffee.
  • We saw hot balloons flying through the skies on night 4 the launching of the balloons on the weekends is right beside our house!

  • I’ve been to IKEA about 5 times picking up things I wish I would have packed in our UAB HA Nothing too crazy just little things here and there.
  • Dean got his first tooth and Nolan lost his front tooth! The Lithuanian toothy fairy is “stronger” because she has to carry around Euro coins vs American dollars… (The joys of a 6-year-old)

The boys have all adjusted to the time change… it only took 3 days which is a step up from last time! Heath this time around was SUPER easy, Heath was the one that gave me a run for my money in Slovenia, Dean (The World’s EASIEST baby) took 3 days and didn’t have many days where he was just up screaming (he actually never really cried) Nolan stayed up two nights more than 24 hours!! However, it only took him 3 days to get fully adjusted too. The most confusing part of this whole time change is that the sun doesn’t set until 10:30/11:00 pm and the sun is up every morning by 5:00 am so my kids are so confused!

Having grandma along for the journey has been AMAZING she has been a HUGE lifesaver! She has given Tyler and I the freedom of figuring out things by ourself and helped us tremendously with watching and entertaining the boys. We owe Grandma Terri a HUGE THANK YOU!!! We’re all going to be so sad when she leaves later this week!

Now that my life is back to semi-normal I plan on sitting down and explaining how I packed our family of 5 in suitcases for 2 weeks, what I brought that worked really well for Dean, what kept the kids entertained for 8 hours on the airplane. So stay tuned!

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