Sledding in Garmisch, Germany

Sledding in Garmisch is super easy! You have many options, but trying to figure out all these places while on vacation can be tricky. Today, I’m sharing all the tips and tricks to sledding in Garmisch. Comment below if you have any questions. 

Where can I rent a sled?

Garmisch Ski School

Hausberg Lodge (If you’re an American working for the government) 

Almost any place in town that rents skis also rents sleds. 


This is the bahn located right beside the hospital and the ski jump arena. You can find Eckbauer Bahn HERE too. 

Things To Know

  1. You must purchase a bahn ticket to the top. 
  2. The hill is a pretty big hill, but it’s popular for little kids because there’s nothing else around. 
  3. Snow should be on the ground in the valley or I would check the Zugspitze cameras before arriving to make sure that Eckbauer has snow. It’s one of the lower mountains and one of the first mountains to lose snow. 

Garmisch Classic

You can sled at Garmisch Classic at the bottom of Kochelberg. This is the ski run that is located right beside the Bahn entrance. 

Things To Know

  1. Sledding depends on the weather and if there’s snow at the bottom of the run. 
  2.  Make sure that you bring your own sled. You can rent sleds if you don’t have one at the Edelwesis Lodge or Garmisch Ski School. Both located within walking distance of the sled hill.

Erhwald, Austria Night Sledding

Every Friday night, Erhwald’s leading ski resort opens Blue Run 10 from the top of the Bahn to the parking lot! This run is huge! When we ski this run, it usually takes us about 10 minutes. I would imagine that when you sled it, you would only be able to complete 1, maybe 2, sled runs before you’re done. I personally have not sled this with my children, but I have heard that it can be challenging for small children.

Things To Know

  1. Erhwald is about a 20-minute drive away from Garmisch. You can get directions HERE.
  2. The sledding hill is very long and might be challenging for small children
  3. You have to pay for your lift ticket to the top if you don’t have a Top Snow card or a Top Snow card for the weekend that includes Austria. I would ask when purchasing my lift ticket if it includes Erhwald. 
  4. You can get sleds at Erhwald, but it would be smart to bring your sled because this event is popular. 
  5. You can find out more information HERE.

Farchant Night Sledding

This is a new event! Last year, we didn’t have enough snow for Farchant to open up their ski and sled hill. This sledding hill would be perfect for smaller children and older adults. 

I love the feeling of this hill. They have the cutest little hutte (restaurant) at the bottom of the ski hill. My kids are really good skiers (much better than me), so I let them take the button ride to the top while I drank hot chocolate and took pictures of them skiing down. You can see almost all the skiers from the hutte. 

Things To Know

  1. The sledding hill and night skiing are only open when there’s enough snow in Garmisch, so check the website to see if it’s open. 
  2. This is a bring-your-own-sled hill. They don’t offer sled rentals anywhere, as it’s a tiny ski hill. 
  3. To learn more about this tiny hill CLICK HERE


Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany. You can almost sled at Zugspitze year-round! Last summer, we had a freak snowstorm, and my oldest son and I went sledding on the mountain to say, “We went sledding in July!” Sleds are available to rent at the top of the mountain. 

Things To Know

  1. You will have to purchase a Bahn ticket to the top. The tickets are a little pricey, but I would say 100% worth the experience. You can find out more information HERE.
  2. It’s going to be cold! So make sure that you dress warm and wear layers. (Even in the summer)

Hike and Sled Down

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike (there are a few hikes) and sled down. This is very popular with the locals, especially after a fresh snow. 

Where To Hike?

  1. You can hike to St Martin’s Hutte and sled down. 
  2. A small hill in Grainau, Germany, about a 5-minute drive from Garmisch. 


Sledding on Alpspitze & Kreuzeck

If you are lucky enough to visit Garmisch in November and Garmisch gets an early season of snow! This is the place to sled! You’ll have to find the window before the bahns close down for winter maintenance, and usually, this is a very small 1-2 week window of sledding.  You’ll need to bring your sled or find a place in town to rent sleds, but sledding on these mountains before ski season is the best! 


This is the only mountain in Gamrisch that closes for the winter! It did, however, open this year, and it opened with a huge sledding run, too! The week between Christmas and January 7th, the Wank opens up. You can eat at the 365 hutte at the top and sled for FREE! 

Things To Know

  1. Make sure to check HERE that the Wank is open before trying to sled during that time frame. 
  2. You can rent sleds for free in exchange for your Bahn ticket. You give the worker your Bahn ticket down, and they give you a sled. You bring back the sled, and they return your Bahn ticket. 
  3. This is a very long sledding hill and it’s near the cliff of the mountain so be careful with littles. It’s 100% doable with small children I just caution you to sled with your small children. 
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