Traveling Internationally with a baby.

I’m going to tell you how I survived traveling internationally with a baby. I am by no means a rookie mom; I’ve traveled all over the world with children. However, the thought of moving internationally with a 5-month-old terrified me! So I did all the research took all the notes, and lived to tell you how I survived while moving internationally with a 5-month-old.

When we found out that we would be moving to Lithuania and that I would indeed be flying with a five-month-old internationally and living out of a suitcase for two weeks, I started to do a lot of research! Below is what I packed and how I packed everything.

  1. Dock A-TOT– I’ll be the first person to tell you that, yes, the DOCK A-TOT is expensive, but it’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY you spend on it! I decided to bring the Dock A-TOT along for the ride because I didn’t know how Dean would sleep in the pack-n-play; I also wanted to have another place other than the Pack N Play to put him down. *Note Dean is laying in the Grand Dock-A-Tot which is the bigger of the two*
A baby laying on a Dock A Tot

2. Pack-N-Play- I was on the fence about bringing the Pack-N-Play it’s just heavy and not easy to move around. At the end of the day if I had to pick between just the DOCK A TOT and Pack N Play I would pick the DOCK A TOT.

3. Mini Crib Sheets- I used these mostly on the Doc-A-TOT I have the Grand and the mini crib sheets fit perfectly over the Grand. If you have the deluxe buy bassinet crib sheets they work just as awesome and fit the deluxe perfect!

4. Car Seat Cover– This is a MUST HAVE I used the cover to help shield the light on the airplane, protect from germs, and also used as a nursing cover! I’ll also add that this is a SUPER affordable cover (under $10), I purchased one at Target after losing this one and it was $25 dollars! I actually didn’t even like it and order another one of these to meet me at my brother’s house before flying internationally. It’s SUPER soft and totally my style too. Ha

A baby carrier cover with white and black stripes.

5. Wildbird Ring Sling– I love traveling with a ring sling because you can throw it in a bag and it’s so much smaller than most baby carriers.

6. Keenz– I LOVE this stroller wagon so much! Traveling through multiple airports with three kids, carry-ons, food, etc Throwing things into this wagon, and running to the other side of the airport made traveling with my 3 kids a BREEZE! The only issue I had with this when traveling was I checked it at the gate, but the airport employees still liked to throw my wagon and it got a couple of scratches on it. So I decided when we flew to Germany and Lithuania I was going to protect the plastic area with pool noodles, and I’m happy to say it worked and my wagon made it in one piece!

An image of a Keenz stroller
This is the picture of the pool noodles attached to protect the plastic part when we checked the stroller.

7. Baby Carry On– This was by far the smartest idea that I had the entire trip! I decided not to use a backpack for a carry-on because I had the wagon to throw the bag into. I’m not sure about you but yes wearing a backpack is convenient but it’s SO HARD to get stuff out of on an airplane. So this trip I decided to get this bag and pack things in clear makeup bags so I could see everything! Trust me when I say this is a MUST HAVE! It’s VERY AFFORDABLE coming in at under $10 too! (Can you tell I love a good deal)

What I was able to put into this bag! (22 diapers, 2 packs of wipes, 4 pieces of clothing for Dean, 1 Nursing bra, 2 pairs of leggings (for me) 2 shirts (for me just in case), 5 baby toys, 2 swaddle blankets, paci, 15 nursing pads, snacks for Nolan and Heath, important document folder (all birth certificates, vaccines, ss cards, visa pictures, basically everything super important) reusable water bottle. I still had room!

A blue and white stripped bag used as a carry on for an airplane

These are the clear makeup bags I used to put pacis, nursing pads, snacks, and small toys in.

An image of 6 clear plastic makeup bags

8. Dual Voltage Sound Machine– OMG, this is so important if you had a baby that sleeps with a sound machine (or if you have kids sleeping with you in a hotel room!) and trust me when I say it’s not easy finding a dual voltage sound machine either. THIS LADIES IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST and buying a dual voltage is a MUST if you’ll be traveling a lot internationally!

A white portable sound machine

9. Dual Voltage Baby Monitor– This was not easy to find either, but this is something I doubt you think about until it’s too late! I already knew that I would be living internationally before we bought our baby monitor so I made it a point to find one that would work both in the US and in Europe.

A image of a gray dual voltage baby monitor

Make sure to pack Dual USB EU Charger too!

An image of a USB charger for 220v

10. Outdoor blanket- This was super handy! I used it on the floor at the airport during layovers to give Dean a place to stretch out and a place for the bigger boys a place to lay down and stretch out too. This was another genius idea that I thought about at the last minute and will continue to back while having younger children.

An image of a teal blanket with The United States
I thought the print was perfect for traveling too!

I ended up packing about 2 weeks of summer clothing and 2 weeks of fall clothing because we were traveling to Tennessee in the summer (80’s) and leaving Monterey in the (60’s) and then coming to Lithuania (80’s somedays and 60’s other days!) So far my clothing selection is working out really well.

Comment below and let me know if I need to add anything to my packing list for our next trip! Also please note that some of the links above do contain affiliate links but I promise I’ve used all these products and absolutely LOVE them and can’t imagine life without them!

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