Learning To Ski In Your Thirties

Learning to ski in your thirties, can be a little terrifying. (I’m not going to lie!) However, I’ll be the first to tell you that It’s never too late to learn to ski. Some kids (Like my three kids) are lucky enough to learn when they’re young. Others like myself learn when you’re in your thirties. I just learned to ski in the 2022-2023 ski season and let me tell you it was a little bit of a learning curve but I did it and I loved it!

Get The Right Clothing

You’ll have difficulty focusing on how to learn to ski if you’re not wearing comfortable clothing. 

  1. Waterproof Jacket- Repeat after me waterproof! It’s also helpful if the jacket has a pocket in the arm for your ski pass. 
  2. Ski Pants- Waterproof ski pants are essential! 
  3. Base layer if it’s cold outside.
  4. Neck Gator
  5. Ski Helmet 
  6. Ski Goggles 
  7. Mittens or Gloves
  8. Rent Skis (Smartest option if you’re not sure you’re going to like it) 
  9. Sunscreen if it’s super sunny.
  10. Ski sock
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A woman wearing all black standing on a mountain.

Should I Take Lessons?

Yes, you should take a lesson. I wouldn’t take a lesson from a friend, family, etc. You want to get professional lessons from someone who is certified so you learn correctly. Early bad habits aren’t good for older first-time skiers.

I live in Garmisch, and if you’re looking for adult ski lessons. Below are my suggestions. 

  • Garmisch Ski School 
  • Edelweiss 
  • Skischule Sprenzel Garmisch

I took lessons through Edelweiss, the American DOD Ski School. My 4-year-old has learned to ski through the “red ski school,” Garmisch Ski School, beside the Hausberg Bahn. I recommend all three of these ski schools if you plan a trip to ski in Garmisch, Germany and are looking to take lessons. 

Before You Head To The Slopes

  • Make sure that your rental boots fit! You don’t want to have a lot of wiggle room in your boots. They should be tight but comfortable. Having the wrong equipment is going to make learning harder. 
  • Make sure you stretch. Let’s face it: things don’t move the same when you’re older. The last thing you want to do is pull something. 
  • Remember to start slow. It’s okay to take longer to gain your confidence. 
  • Make sure you’re wearing a good pair of ski socks. But NEVER wear two pairs of socks. (Bad Idea) 
  • Don’t go into learning skiing fearful. Be optimistic and know that you will fall and it will be okay.  
  • Make sure that your equipment is set to beginner. 
  • You want beginner size skis. Look at this picture for reference. 

Things You Need To Learn When Skiing Immediately

  • Pizza (How to stop) French Fries (How to go) 
  • Learn How to start turning. 
  • The rules of skiing. The skiers downhill have the right of way. If you’re skiing down the hill, you must yield to the downhill skier. 
  • Spend a lot of time on the bunny hill. You want to be comfortable before going up the chairlift. 

Things No One Talks About When You Learn To Ski As An Adult

  • You’re going to be sore! Skiing is physically demanding, and you use muscles you didn’t know you had! 
  • Take it easy! Repeat after me. TAKE IT EASY! 
  • You’re going to fall. Just accept that (But you’ll be okay I promise) 
  •  You might not make it off the bunny hill the first lesson or  the second or maybe even the third lesson. (That’s okay) 
  • You’re going to need speed to be in control, going too slow is actually a thing in skiing. 

I learned to ski when I was 35, and I survived! I would go a step further and say I’m a good skier. If I can do it, you can too! Good luck on your skiing journey. 

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