How To Dress Your Children For Snow!

I grew up in the south, right outside Nashville, Tennessee, in Gallatin. I remember we would get one to two good snows a year. I say that lightly because heavy snow in Gallatin (2 inches) would be considered a dusting in most towns where it snows a lot.

It wasn’t until we moved to Slovenia (In the Julian Alps) that we started to realize that we were dressing our children all wrong. We would walk around downtown Ljubljana, and all the children would be so happy, running around smiling, having the times of their lives in the snow. Our boys would be crying that they were cold… When Nolan started Slovenia Kindergarten (daycare), I realized I was dressing our children all wrong.
Now that we’ve lived in very cold climates for the last five years, I consider myself an expert, and I’m here to help you dress your children for the colder temperatures.

The Base Layer

The most important layer is the base layer. Your main goal is to make sure that the core stays warm! Your goal as a parent is to ensure that your child’s body is warm to the touch when you take off all the warm clothing. The base layer is essential to help keep the skin dry, and having a base layer that can absorb is necessary for that body’s sweat.

I love these base layers. We own a few, and I’ve found that they work well in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. The boys wear their base layers under a pair of shorts for soccer during the fall, and we’ve found that it works out perfectly.

You can grab a pair here. 

The Middle Layer

Next up is the middle layer. This layer is important in keeping the body heat. If you don’t have a middle layer, the body heat will escape quickly (Not good at all). Having an excellent middle layer is essential. 

My children usually skip this layer because of their jackets below. It already has a middle layer built into the coat. If it’s freezing (20 F and below), We’ll add another layer. 

You can grab one here

Waterproof Jacket

If you only take one thing away from this blog take this, WATERPROOF jacket. Repeat after me WATERPROOF jacket. It’s so important that your children stay dry (especially in freezing temperatures) they can only do that if they have a waterproof shell. 

I really love this 4 in one jacket. This is the perfect jacket that your children can use for all 4 seasons. I love that I can only buy one jacket and it can be used all year long. This is our 3rd season with this specific jacket. 

You can grab your jacket here

Snow Bibs

Snow bibs are a must! Growing up in the south I don’t think as a child I owned one pair of snow pants. I don’t even remember seeing them in the stores. 

Waterproof snow pants are a must! If your children are anything like mine, they love rolling around in the snow. If they didn’t have waterproof pants on they would become wet immediately. 

Grab your pair here 


As a parent I prefer mittens. I think they are easier to put on and when you’re outside you really don’t need all your fingers. (Might not be the popular opinion, but I’ve found that it works best for my family.) I also think having mittens on while skiing is a lot more comfortable than with gloves on. 

You need to make sure that the gloves that you purchase are waterproof. Keeping hands dry is important in making sure your children don’t get frost bite. 

You can grab your pair here.

 Winter Hat

I love Patagonia, I love the quality of materials, I love their mission, and I love their style. I’m not a huge fan of the $$ put if something lasts for a long time, I’m okay with putting money into it.
My husband bought our boys their Patagonia beanies last year for Christmas, and they are both still wearing them a year later. I love the thickness of the material. The hat keeps their heads warm. They’ve both worn them in negative weather, keeping their heads VERY warm.

You can grab your hat here

Snow Boots

When we first moved to Lithuania, I looked at everyone’s shoes, trying to figure out where to purchase my children’s winter boots locally. If you’ve lived abroad, you know this is what you do to figure out where the locals shop. 

Well, a lot of children in Lithuania wear Croc winter boots. Never in a million years did I think that Crocs would offer a good winter boot…but here I am. These are the BEST boots. The shoes are super lightweight and great for all winter temperatures. My boys have worn these boots for the last three years, and we all love them. 

Grab your pair here. Boys’ and girls’ colors are available. 

Wool Socks

I think living in Eastern Europe for three years turned me into a HUGE wool fan! I love wool hats, socks, shirts, sweaters. I’m a firm believer that it keeps you warm and dry. All my kids wear wool socks or a wool blend. 

Grab Your Pair here. 

Hand Warmers

I’m a HUGE fan of the reusable hand warmers. They are so easy to use and come in handy on cold days. Once you’re done using them you boil them in hot water on the stove and they are ready to use again. Not only are you saving money you’re helping the environment. (I honestly think they are warmer than the reusable ones too!) Not to mention a lot cuter. 

Grab Them Here

Things Extra You Need For Skiing

Ski Socks

You need to have ski specific socks. Ski socks have extra protection where needed. 

Grab Your Pair here. 

Ski Helmet

Ski Helmet & Goggles

It’s very important that your children wear a helmet while skiing. Most if not all, ski schools have them to rent. However, if you’re interested in bringing your own this is a good one. 

Grab Them Here

I hope that this helps! I know figuring out how to dress for the winter when you live in a warmer climate can often be challenging. Also, know that some links are affiliate links, but I promise we own all the items I talked about and stand behind them 110%!

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