Get your Blog Featured, Sponsored or Grab your First Collaboration!

As a blogger, photographer or influencer your goal is to get featured, sponsored or do a collaboration! (right?!) Landing your first blog or influencer gig can be so overwhelming and super hard to keep up with all the different places you can go to get featured, sponsored, or even to do collaborations. So… I took it upon myself to write it all out for you in hopes that this helps you get featured or land your first collaboration! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Let’s start with photography! Instagram is crawling with different accounts just looking to feature your photos. Below you’ll find the list of accounts that I follow, along with the hashtag you need to use to get their attention.

If you have a favorite that’s not listed drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure to add it.

  • documentyourdaysproject #documentyourrdays
  • tales.of.the.moment #talesofthemoment
  • #momtogcommunity
  • boldemotionalcolorful #boldemotionalcolorful
  • kids_in_bnw #kids_in_bnw
  • bnw_littles #bnw_littles
  • theeverydayportrait #theeverydayportrait
  • simplychildren  Hashtag changes with the theme of the week
  • mom_hub #Hashtag changes with the theme of the week
  • infinity_children #infinity_children
  • parenthood_moments #parenthood_moments
  • dearphotographer #dear_photographer
  • candidchildhood #candidchildhood
  • kidsforreal #kidsforreal
  • momswithcameras #momswithcameras
  • magicofchildhood #magicofchildhood
  • wildandbravelittles #wildandbravelittles
  • dearest_viewfinder #dearestviewfinder
  • project faceless #project_faceless
  • P52clicks #p52_movement
  • #momtogcommunity
  • bnw_greatshots #bnw_greatshots
  • hellostoryteller #hellostoryteller
  • ourlightwithin #ourlightwithin
  • lookslikefilm #lookslikefilm
  • wayupnorth #wayupnorth
  • storytellinghands #storytellinghands

What are the best places to learn about photography? The places I’ve listed below are great to learn how to work your camera, Photoshop, and Lightroom. I’m also a great resource if you’re having issues or have questions please let me know.

Below you’ll find the best resources if you’re looking for a collaboration on your blog or on your social media.

My best advice is if you’re looking to collab with larger brands if you already own the item post it to your social media as an organic post. These posts go far! You’ll be surprised who’s looking at your social media posts.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask! I wanted to stay at a resort so bad and I couldn’t get in the weekend I was going to be in town. So… I used social media and found the resort manager on Linkedin and asked him if he’d be able to get my family and me into the resort… He agreed and ended up giving me a discount! We’re in a time where social media is the new marketing, use it to your best advantage!

Tools that help you keep up with your content.

Where can you go to grab stock images to use on your blog and social media

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