Budapest, Hungary

When we travel with our children we try to do things that are educational, and fun with our children. Tyler loves to go to museums and tends to do these things while the children are napping during the day. During the day while the children are up we try to do things as a family that we would all enjoy! Budapest, Hungary made this very very easy! 

Budapest, Hungary has been the one place in Europe next to Spain that I really really really wanted to visit! Sadly we were unable to make it to Spain this year, but we made it to Hungary and I was very excited to have visited one of my top 2, so I’m leaving Europe a happy lady! 

We arrived in Budapest late in the afternoon, we decided to check in to our hotel and then leave to go explore. I remember walking down the streets of Budapest in amazement of the architecture everywhere! The Hungarians know how to build buildings! 

Our first stop was the Budapest market if you’ve read any of my blogs you know I have a love for markets…any kind of market. The Budapest market is called The Great Market Hall (It’s HUGE) make sure when you go tho to have cash, nowhere in that building accepted cards, I would also say bringing a stroller is possible but the elevator only goes down to the basement and not up to the second and third floors. (We ended up carrying Heath and the stroller up the stairs.) Not hard at all if you have two people, very hard if you are all alone with no help.

After the market, we had a long walk back to our hotel room. We decided to walk along the river and watch the sunset. The next morning we decided to head to the Budapest zoo. Before we even moved to Slovenia I was on Pinterest researching places to visit in Europe and Budapest zoo kept popping up! One of the most popular places and I’d have to say prettiest building in the zoo is the Elephant house. 

The Ceiling of the Elephant House. This is where the elephants live in the zoo…. AMAZING Right! 

This is the walk area of the Elephant House… I’m pretty sure I would be AOK living with the elephants at the zoo… Tyler had to drag me out of this building, I wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING! 

An interesting fact about the Budapest Zoo is that during World War II the zoo and all the animals were almost completely destroyed. From the 2,000 species of animals, only 15 survived the war. 

Next stop we walked out of the zoo and walked towards the square of heroes It’s one of the most popular squares in Budapest and features statues of the countries most noted leaders. 


We then just decided to walk around and explore the park right beside these two tourist attractions. We stumbled upon a castle, one of my favorite castles!  It was BEAUTIFUL 

To learn more about this castle click here: Castle Vajdahunyad

After a fun-filled day, the boys were soooo sleepy! So Tyler and I decided to head back to the hotel to let the boys rest, and then head out one more time that night before heading out in the morning. 

We’ve learned that we have to pace ourselves and not expect a lot out of our 5 and 2-year-old. They get sleepy and hungry quick and if we don’t find a happy medium no one is happy, so we’ve learned to let them lead and do what we can with them. 

That night I had to see the Parliment building! I mean the first thing you think of when you think of Budapest is the Parliment building. The architecture is something like nothing you’ll EVER find in The United States and it was NOTHING like anything I had ever seen before. (I fell in LOVE) 

This image was actually taken on top of the hill at the Fishermans Bastion Budapest TOP attraction with views to die for! Not to mention it’s BEAUTIFUL! I wish I would have gotten a good picture of the Fisherman’s Bastion but I was losing light FAST and I had to have pictures of the Parliment building. 

If Budapest is not on your list it needs to be! It’s one of my favorite places on food, and if  you’re looking for an adventure Budapest is not a bad place to visit! Please let me know if you have any questions


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