A look from above of Lake Eisbee

Top 3 Things To Do In Garmisch, Germany

I’ve lived in Garmisch, Germany for a little over a year. Today I’m sharing with you my top 3 things to do in Garmisch, Germany! 

A look from above of Lake Eisbee

Walk Around Eibsee

A crystal clear lake located at the bottom of the Zugspitze. Lays one of the prettiest lakes in Bavaria. The water is teal in the summer and normally frozen over with a layer of snow in the winter. 

The lake is surrounded by a walking trail of gravel. This walk is about 4 miles long and is good for both children and elders. During the summer you’ll see people paddle boarding, swimming, and having a picnic. 

Directions to Lake Eibsee

Take The Zupspitze Cable Car

Zugispitze and the building at the top of the mountain.

This trip is not a cheap trip, you can check out prices here.  The views are breathtaking and you’ll be able to see Garmisch and Eibsee from a bird’s eye view. 

Once you’ve made it to the top there’s tons of places to take pictures. Make sure to walk all the way around the deck because each side offers a different perspective. During the summer time you can grab lunch and hang out on the patio and enjoy the view. 

Directions to Zugspitze 

Alpine Slide

Before moving to Europe I had never heard of an Alpine Slide in my life. (I don’t think they are very common in The United States. I could be wrong, comment below if you’ve seen an Alpine Slide in The United States. 

This Alpine Slide is located at the base of the Eckbauer it cost 2 Euro to ride and it lasts about 5 mins. My children have enjoyed this slide many times. Please note that if it’s rainy or wet the slide will be closed. 

Directions to Alpine Slide

Partnachklamn Gorge

An image of the gorge that is in Garmisch Germany. This is an image of teal water running up against the path.

The Partnachklamn Gorge is a must-see in the summer or winter! It’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s a good place to visit with children of all ages but small children might be challenging given the narrow trail. 

Directions to Partnachklamn Gorge

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