Parenting in Slovenia

When we first moved to Slovenia in December 2016 one thing that Tyler and I noticed right off the bat was Slovenians have the most well-behaved children and dogs! I'm not even kidding; I had to search hard one day to see a screaming child after many days of realizing that my children were the only ones screaming, not listening, and a total train wreck. I set out to figure out what they were doing right and what I was doing wrong. Below you will find what I've concluded from my research.They aren't helicopteri[...]

Sarajevo, Bosnia

  Sarajevo, Bosnia is my FAVORITE city on Earth!! Yes! It beats Ljubljana, Slovenia, Monterey, CA, and even my hometown! It’s the town of my dreams! It’s fantastic, and I’m going to tell you why. So when Tyler first told me we were heading to Bosnia, I was like, uhhh I don’t want to go. When I mentioned Bosnia, people gave me weird looks and always said how dirty it was and how much cigarette smoke was in that city. They were right!  What they didn’t tell me was how cool it was. In wh[...]