Dennis Menace Playground is located in the heart of Monterey and is the biggest playground the city has to offer. The playground itself is located in El Estero Park which is located in the heart of the city.

The popular playground opened in 1956 and since has been renovated multiple times.

The playground is HUGE! I highly recommend that if your children are younger than 5 that you bring two adults! My children tend to run in opposite directions and I have a hard time keeping my eyes on both of them.

My favorite part about this playground is that it is stroller friendly. The sidewalk goes all the way around the sides of the playground. Making it easy to keep your eyes of your children while tending to a baby.

*Please note that you can not take your stroller right through the middle of the park as the ground is covered in sand! I also HIGHLY recommend that your children wear sandals or dump their shoes out before getting back into the car. I also enjoy wearing flip-flops to this part as it’s easy for me to chase my children and not have to worry about sand in my shoe. The area in which Dennis The Menace Playground is located is called El Estero Park; this park has a lot to offer! It’s home to a skate park, The High School Baseball field, a pond with paddle boats, and numerous places to have a picnic. If you’re in Monterey, this is a must-stop!


Dennis Menace Park in Monterey CA this is an image of a merry go round.