Salzburg, Austria 1 Day with Kids!

Wolfgang Mozart and The Sound of Music are some of the first things I thought of when we decided we wanted to visit Salzburg. I, however, had no idea at how beautiful the city would be too.

I loved seeing all the history, and walking the same streets that Mozart walked down… what a surreal experience to look at a building, and see a street and know that the famous musician that I studied and learned about all through elementary, middle and even high school once walked down the same streets I was currently standing on. I tried to explain to Nolan my five-year-old, that one day soon he will learn about Mozart, and that he can quietly raise his hand and tell his music teacher that he saw the house that Mozart was born in and walked down the very streets that he did too!  How many children in an American elementary school can say that!! I read some facts about Mozart to Nolan, and even played him Mozart music in the car! I try my very hardest to make every trip some sort of an educational fun trip! 


Next on my list was The Mirabell Gardens! I love looking at Pinterest while driving to our next location, I always have a vision of what I want to do, and then somewhere along the road (literally), I change them! The Mirabell Gardens was one of those times. We were driving from Garmisch and I kept seeing all these beautiful pictures of this garden! I kept reading about how you must stop and see it. I also read it had a HUGE metal slide for the children/ adults and from that moment I was sold! 

When we arrived at the gardens it looked like something out of a movie…maybe the movie The Sound of Music… Funny because of parts of the movie were shot there!! It was beautiful, and it was literally right in the middle of the city! We walked around the gardens for over an hour. We also found the BIG metal slide! Nolan and Tyler had a blast going down that slide! The first time down I held my breath for Nolan but the 2,3,4th time it was much better. I did make Heath sit on the sidelines for that one, Heath was NOT HAPPY! 


I took so many pictures in the garden, that I could fill my blog up with all of them! If you visit Salzburg bring your camera!!! 

We then headed out closer to the river! I love taking pictures of cities near the rivers that run through the town if possible. I feel as if most big cities in Europe have a nice river close to the city that makes a GREAT picture to hang on the wall, and Salzburg didn’t disappoint! 


As I was taking this picture I noticed the tents across the river… If you know anything about me you know I love markets!! I also love buying custom art, antiques, etc so I convinced Tyler to take me over there to shop! This brings me to a really good point, make sure if you are running low on cash to start looking early for an ATM! I couldn’t find an ATM to save my life, it took me a good 30 mins of wandering the city to finally find one. When we arrived at the market it was HUGE I ended up getting a watercolor 8×10 of the city for 10 euro! 

We then head to our hotel room for the night! It was a GREAT location, and had a WONDERFUL view of the city! The boys had a blast roaming the hills, and rolling around in the dirt and loving life! I enjoyed my glass of wine and camera. We stayed at Hotel Berghof Dachsteinblick it was a great hotel, with great food, and a play area for the children too! 

As you can see the boys enjoyed all the room! 

The next morning we thought it would be a GREAT idea to head to the Zoo! The McAnallys love a good aquarium and zoo you’ll see a trend in the topics of animals over the next couple of blog posts 😉 

The Salzburg Zoo was very surprising! It’s a zoo built into the side of a mountain… I know crazy but it works because there’s little to no escape for the animals. Which is a good thing, because they had a TON of animals. Lions, Tigers, Rinos, bears you name it! Very Very surprised! 

We were so close to this bear it was CRAZY! The only big thing protecting us from the bear was the depth of the water! So cool.

His bear roomie was hilarious! He was putting on a show and was very social. 

I’d also like to mention that dogs are allowed in almost every zoo in Europe. I’m not sure why America hasn’t caught on to this concept but it seems to work well in Europe. 

I feel like we did a lot in a 24-hour time frame! Our children had a BLAST! I had a BLAST. I hope this blog post helped a little stay tuned for our next stop in Vienna, Austria! 

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