Bratislava, Slovakia

We made a quick stop in Bratislava, Slovakia on our way from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary. We were told not to stay the night in Bratislava as it was a small, boring town! I wish now I would not have listened to them, and I wish we would have stayed the night! I did not expect to fall in love with this city, and enjoy myself as much as I did! 

We didn’t get to stay in Bratislava very long at all only 2 hours, and I didn’t get to see half the things I wish I could have seen. We walked around Old Town and looked for the unique sculptures that I had read so much about while researching the town. 

This statue below is one of the most popular in the city, I had to wait in line to take a picture of it! 

This statue looked sad and looked as if he had a story to tell.  I could have roamed around Bratislava all day taking pictures if my children would have allowed! 

Old Town Hall was BEAUTIFUL! I walked past it and immediately turned around and had to have a picture. 

Nolan enjoyed the old school bike that you could sit on and take a picture! He somehow climbed all the way up there himself too! 

I wish we would have stayed the night in Bratislava, however, I’m sure we will visit again soon! 

Stay tuned for our next visit is my all time favorite! Budapest, Hungary!! 

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