Podgorica, Montenegro

Oh Podgorica! I had very high hopes for you, but you came up a tad short. 

I’ve heard so many stories about how beautiful the Montenegran coast is, and well I thought the capital city would have something to offer… and well I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong we tried, and we tried VERY HARD! 

We stayed at an AMAZING hotel, Hotel Aurel I didn’t want to leave! The staff was sooo friendly, the room was HUGE, and the day spa was amazing and CHEAP! I had a full body massage for 25 euro, you can barely get your nails painted in The United States for $25 dollars much less a full body massage for under $200 dollars! 

The restaurant at the hotel was another huge bonus, restaurants in the city are hard to find. We found lots and lots of places to sip on coffee, but it was very hard to actually find a place in the city that had food for a meal. So the hotel was a huge win! Not to mention the food was AMAZING, if you wanted something that was not listed on the menu all you had to do was pull up the receipe and they would cook it for you. (huge plus when traveling with picky eaters). 

When we arrived at Hotel Aurel we were handed an informational paper with things to do in the city (not much ha). The thing that caught Nolan’s eye was lifesize Tranformers, made by a twenty two year old Podgorica man. He made all the lifesize Tranformers out of car parts from his families junk yard. Nolan was so EXCITED that’s all he could talk about. So we headed out to the city to find the Transformers… and well they had just left to “defend” the city of Milan, Italy, we barely missed them. So lucky for Nolan Milan, Italy is only 2.5 hours from Ljublijana, Slovenia so we are planning a birthday getaway to Milan in August for his birthday.  Stay tuned for that post. 

After walking around the city for a hour looking for any signs of Transformers, and being directed by many locals to every corner the Tranformers were once at, we finally talked to a tourist office that told us that they had moved to Milan. We were also asked by everyone why we were in Podgorica haha We said that we were on vacation and heard great things about the city and they all laughed, and said some vacation go to the coast! Well Well.. 

This is the only picture I took while we were in Podgorica, it was for my friend’s daughter who is studying about the world. She sent us Flat Stanley to take pictures with while we traveled Europe. Nolan enjoyed bringing the little guy out to take pictures with. 

This picture was taken in the city center with lots and lots of coffee shops to sip on some coffee. 

I’m hoping to visit the coast soon! 


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