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Meet Brittany

Hi, I’m Brittany! The face behind this blog. I’m not good at introductions or writing, so I’m going to make this easy, below you’ll find some interesting facts about myself and my family. If you have¬† questions for me just let me know!

    1. I’m a mom to three boys, Nolan is my 7-year-old he made me a mommy, and I’m forever grateful for his soul! He’s fun-loving, outgoing, and the life of the party! Heath is my 4-year-old he’s a gentle soul, quiet, and very observant. He loves Nolan and we often call Heath, Nolan’s sidekick! Dean is the newest member to the McAnally family he’s our forever baby and although we are just getting to know him, he’s very sweet, loving, and loves a good laugh! I’m super excited to see what life will be like as he grows.
    2. I love to travel! I often tell people that I grew up in the same house that I was bought home to from the hospital. I never once moved as a child, but since marrying my husband 10 years ago we have moved 10 times and traveled many places.
    3. I love Tacos and I often celebrate Taco Tuesdays!
    4. I love social media and manage many accounts.
    5. I love photography and my passion is family and children.