McAnally Life Update

The McAnally Life Cliff Notes…

So much has happened… I’ll be honest since we moved from Ljubljana, Slovenia back to Monterey, California I needed a life break! I put my blog on the back burner and I focused on my career, family, and had a baby.

In November 2017 we moved back to Monterey, California from Ljublijana, Slovenia. We thought this was the best place to move our children back to after a year of living abroad. We also knew we’d have friends from previous duty stations also getting stationed in Monterey and thought it would be fun to have a reunion! (We were so right!) Monterey the second time around has been a BLAST I’m so grateful for all the memories we created and the new friends we met along the way.

In May of 2018 we found of we were pregnant with Dean! (Shock of a lifetime) I always thought I would have 3 children but I never thought it would actually happen… I NEVER thought I would be an all BOY mom but here I am! Not to get into too much detail but Dean was a pleasant surprise after a little bit of an issue with my IUD! I’m so in love with this little man and I’m so lucky God picked me to be his mommy.

Dean was born February 8th and was not in a hurry to meet us at all! I’ll leave that for another blog post!

Tyler graduated from The Naval Post Graduate School in March and we found out that we will be heading to Vilnius, Lithuania next month, July 2019. We will live in Vilnius for 3 years! This will be the longest place we have ever lived as a family in 10 years… can you hear the excitement in my voice?! I’m thrilled to finally be somewhere longer than a year!

So in true Brittany fashion, I now have something to write about again. I’ll start posting tips and tricks on how I pack my house into (4000 lbs) traveling on an airplane with a {5-month-old!} {4-year-old} & {6-year-old} what I’m packing in my consumable shipment (for all my FAO spouses) and UAB (for all my FAO spouses)

I hope you’ll follow us along our new journey! If you have any questions on anything please comment below.

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