Austria, Germany, and Italy Oh My!

This past week we traveled to Garmisch Germany! OMG!!  BEAUTIFUL it definitely lived up to its hype! The boys and I had a BLAST! We went into town and ate at a local cafe, walked around and took lots of pictures, I also got brave enough to take them both sledding by myself on the Alps!!  We stayed at the Edelweiss lodge in Garmisch,[...]

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city in Croatia, it is also the largest city in the country. When I first found out that we would be traveling to Zagreb, I got on the internet and tried my VERY hardest to find kid friendly activities to do in the city with the boys while Tyler was working. Sadly tho I came up short! It was nearly impossible to find any informati[...]

A Taste of The States

 We've lived in Slovenia now exactly 2 months! As I've said before, living here is really not that difficult. I have however found myself missing things that are very common in The United States but not so common in Slovenia. You can only imagine how happy I was to finally have some things that I've missed in a care package from my mom and mother[...]

Lake Bled

We decided as a family that for every birthday we will travel somewhere and have lots of FUN! For Heath's birthday, we did just that! We traveled a whopping 30 mins to Lake Bled and met our close friends Natalie, Shawn, and their dog Fang from Germany. We spent the weekend exploring, and relaxing in the little town of Lake Bled. Lake Bled is a lake[...]

How I Survived Flying with Kids

Let me start off by saying I SURVIVED!! I have had serious anxiety about flying with my children. It's not that my children don't behave, it's the fact that they are two and four, and can be very unpredictable when they are off their schedules. I thought I would take some time to write what worked, and what didn't. Hopefully, this helps all my momma fr[...]