World Travels

Spilt, Croatia

We stopped in the city of Spilt, Croatia on our way to Montenegro, and it proved to be a great decision! I'm so happy that we got to spend the day in Spilt or "The Spilt" as I called it all day haha It was driving Tyler crazy! I thought it was hilarious and I tried very hard to drop "the" but just couldn't seem to drop "the" ha Poor Tyler.  We stayed at Hotel Luxe it was in the perfect location and had a parking lot! If you plan on renting a car or driving yourself I HIGHLY recommend staying[...]

Sarajevo, Bosnia

 Sarajevo, Bosnia is my FAVORITE city on Earth!! Yes! It beats Ljubljana, Slovenia, Monterey, CA, and even my hometown! It's the town of my dreams! It's amazing and I'm going to tell you why. So when Tyler first told me we were heading to Bosnia, I was like uhhh I really don't want to go...I mean every time I mentioned Bosnia people gave me weird looks, and always said how dirty it was, and how much cigarette smoke was in that city. They were totally right!  What they didn't tel[...]

Austria, Germany, and Italy Oh My!

This past week we traveled to Garmisch Germany! OMG!!  BEAUTIFUL it definitely lived up to its hype! The boys and I had a BLAST! We went into town and ate at a local cafe, walked around and took lots of pictures, I also got brave enough to take them both sledding by myself on the Alps!!  We stayed at the Edelweiss lodge in Garmisch, Germany. GREAT location, super close to EVERYTHING, it was a 2-second drive to the ski slopes, and seconds away from places to eat, and walk around.  O[...]

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city in Croatia, it is also the largest city in the country. When I first found out that we would be traveling to Zagreb, I got on the internet and tried my VERY hardest to find kid friendly activities to do in the city with the boys while Tyler was working. Sadly tho I came up short! It was nearly impossible to find any information in English, and even when I did find articles in English, it was mostly about the museums, city, and nature during the summer NOT the dead of winter! So here[...]

A Taste of The States

 We've lived in Slovenia now exactly 2 months! As I've said before, living here is really not that difficult. I have however found myself missing things that are very common in The United States but not so common in Slovenia. You can only imagine how happy I was to finally have some things that I've missed in a care package from my mom and mother in law.  It was basically Christmas in our house on Wednesday, and I may have almost cried! Ha  Below is a list of common things in The United States[...]

Part 1: Nolan’s First Week of Slovenian School

When I was in Monterey we had a WONDERFUL group of Foreign Area Officers spouses. One of the HOT TOPICS was where to send your children to school. Do you send them to QSI (International School) or do you send them to school in that country? (Full Immersion) It seemed to me like a lot of the moms in class were a little leery of sending their child to a full immersion school. I'll admit, I was scared of the unknown as well. However when we got to Slovenia, and I realized that the international school was a tad[...]

Jet Lag and Small Children

Jet Lag is a REAL thing! It doesn't just affect sleeping, it affects eating, your mood, and how you generally feel. Combine that with a two-year-old that's already on an emotional roller coaster, and you get a hurricane of emotions. Let me paint you a picture. (Night 1) At this point, I have not been to sleep in 30 hours, and Tyler may have had 2 hours of sleep. We both decided to keep the kids up and pretend as tho it was a regular day without an 8 hour time change. This strategy worked for Nolan (our 4-yea[...]

Our life in bags

 We are in the middle of our BIG MOVE! I am happy to let everyone know that we survived our first plane ride as a family. The kiddos did way better than I would have ever imagined. Below you will find the list of things I used for packing. I've included a link to all the items I used. Please know I am an Amazon affiliate, but I bought these items without any incentives.  Packing cubes (Seriously) color code them for each family member. I ended up putting the huge ziplock bags inside each packing[...]