Belgrade, Serbia

It’s beginning to get really hard picking a favorite city! I mean come on I LOVE Bosnia, I LOVE Slovenia, I LOVE Serbia, we really haven’t visited a place that I’m not in LOVE with! It’s a GREAT problem to have considering all these places are places we could live for three years. 

However, Serbia definitely left a special place in my heart! In Slovenia we have a nanny Natalija (really a good friend) that watches Heath during the day twice a week, so I can go out in town, run errands, have coffee with friends etc It also gives Heath some time away from me, to explore life away from momma for a couple hours which is good for him. Natalija also happens to be from Belgrade, Serbia and was traveling the exact same time we were, to visit her mom. PERFECT! She offered to show us around her hometown, and show us all the locals favorite things to do. (Which is normally very hard to come out of the tourist side of cities in the short period of time that you are visiting a city.)

She showed us around all of downtown, and walked us all around the city telling us stories, and pointing out historical landmarks etc Seriously we could not have hired a better tour guide it was AMAZING! The next day Tyler had to go to work, so the boys and I met up with our friend and her sister (who has children about the same age as Heath and Nolan) We ate at this place with a HUGE playground, and coffee shop by the water. If you’re in Belgrade you need to stop and visit this park, it was so much fun and lots of activities for the kiddos, and the adults! 

After coffee in the park, our friend took us on a bus. You seriously can’t visit a town and not take public transportation at some point! I think public transportation is crucial to get the “real feel” for a city! Plus my kiddos LOVE taking the bus, Nolan compares it to a field trip haha 

We took the bus to my friend’s mom house, and we enjoyed chatting about the city, and the culture of Serbia. It was a great experience, I love taking a step away from the “tourist stops, and sites” and really getting to see the city, and the culture through a local’s eyes. It was lots of fun, and I wish we could experience that with every city we visit. 

Below is a picture of Natalie and the kiddos! Nolan and Heath LOVE Natalija she’s become such a great friend in the few short months that we’ve lived in Slovenia, we are truly blessed to have her in our lives. 

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